Zycaira Noumena is a shinigami. He is a scout who is discovered after visiting the village Shanra.

Character Profile

Full Name

Zycaira Noumena








Fallen Order

First Appearance

Bingo Book - Hit List



Personality Edit


Abilities Edit

Crucifiction Edit

Crucifiction binds an opponent to an illusionary cross. Is super effective against vampires.

Synopsis Edit

Dawn of a New Age arc Edit

Zycaira is assigned to recruit new members into the Fallen Order; he is accompanied by Yuado and Kavaso. While resting at Dry Man's Point, the trio is encountered by Sirberius Reono. When Sirberius is talking to Zane Hediyoshi, Zycaira comments that Sirberius "is talking to his invisible friend", not believing there is someone there. The trio engage combat with Sirberius. Zycaira managed to pin Sirberius down with Crucifiction but Sirberius manages to break free and kill Kavaso. Sirberius and Zane then use Draining Infinity Cannon on Zycaira and Yuado.

Zycaira is killed by Sirberius in "Bingo Book - Hit List".

Behind the Scenes Edit

Zycaira was created for "Bingo Book - Hit List".

Zycaira was later given the last name Noumena. It came from a melodramatic death metal band from Finland of the same name. Noumena is the plural word for "thing-in-itself" in Greek.

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