Zefon Nemesea was the half-brother of Zoron Zøløft. a wizard from the Fallen Order stationed at Schloss Fünf, Ovan Fünf's castle.

Character Profile

Full Name

Zefon Nemesea








Fallen Order



Abilities Edit

Golem Summoning Edit

Golem Summoning is the ability to summon golems. The only known golem that Zefon summoned is Claire.

Synopsis Edit

Dawn of a New Age arc Edit

After Ovan Fünf was killed by Sirberius Reono, the outpost at Schloss Fünf was in disarray. Due to this, Dante discovered the Fallen Order members. Joined with Sirberius and Zane Hediyoshi, Dante fought Zefon. Zefon managed to keep Dante at bay for a while by summoning Claire but Dante eventually drains the life out of Zefon using his vampiric abilities.

Behind the Scenes Edit

Zefon was created as a target for "Bingo Book - Hit List".

Dmitri later gave Zefon the last name Nemesea, which originated from a Dutch rock band of the same name; ironically, Nemesea is a female-only band while Zefon is male. Dmitri also identified Zefon's golem as Claire, which is also used by Telvi Evereve in the same bingo book.

Zefon's brother was named Zoron due to name's closeness to "Zefren". Both Zoron and Zefren are character is Wizards of Mickey.

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