Zayru Licayan is the son of Miliana Licayan and Abel Kane, along with being the older brother of Ben Kane. He was a human who joined Mystic Knights. He later befriended Noe Cross. Years later, Zayru Licayan was revealed as "The Holy Lord's Hand".

Character Profile

Full Name

Zayru Abel Licayan




The Holy Lord's Hand




Mystic Knights, Mystic Council, Remnants of Atlantis

First Appearance

The Council's Past: Noe Conspiracy



Personality Edit

Zayru was a person who valued his beliefs very highly. During The Great God War, like many others, Zayru believed the propaganda about how hybrids were abominations. Even after the war, Valentine was able to easily use his Power of Envy to make Zayru attack Sirberius Reono.

Synopsis Edit

Demon Destroyer of Gods arc Edit

Supposively while with the Mystic Knights, Zayru rescued Noe Cross from bandits and they became friends.

Dawn of a New Age arc Edit

While looking for people to join his Mystic Council, Sirberius Reono traveled to Isla Noche to recruit Tiolee Cross. Instead, Sirberius managed to recruit Tiolee's adopted son, Noe Cross. While they are leaving, Zayru walks by and offers to journey with them. That night, while Sirberius and Noe are away from camp, The Twins appear and one of them manipulates into making Zayru wanting to kill Sirberius by informing him that Sirberius is a hybrid, along with using the Power of Sin.

When Sirberius returns, Zayru attacks him. In self-defense, Sirberius kills Zayru, traumatizing Noe.

Memento Mori arc Edit

In Rubi Delacoure's memory fragment, Zayru is seen participating in the Second Battle of Dry Man. After dentonating some explosives, Zayru and Manuel go to snipe Fallen Order soldiers.

Fate of the Unknown arc Edit

Some time after his "death", when is unknown, somehow Zayru survived the attack or was resurrected because he later took up the identity "The Holy Lord's Hand" and, with the help of Evan Nigel and Unknown, took control of the Remnants of Atlantis.

Escaping Ben Kane and Dmitri Valenti, Heavenly Ruler Nemesis rendezvoused with Zayru, Vaquero, Zwei, and her bodyguard, Chokmah. Nemesis ordered Zayru to wait for Vier Weiss and kill him.

Weiss showed up and attacked Zayru. While Zayru was able to get the upper hand for a while, he was unable to fully control his Abyss Weapon- Xanxus. Weiss was then killed by Weiss, with the aid of Sieghart and his brother.

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