Epitaph of Value




The Invader


Zane Hediyoshi, Heine's Invasion

"On the battlefield, Zeine met Zane the Invader. Zane was loyal to Heine and Lumis. He decided to help Zein’s group"
— Epitaph of Value —

Zane the Invader is a character in the Epitaph of Value.

Epitaph of Value Edit

Zane is a soldier who meets Zein's group at Phi. He accompanies Zein throughout his journey, aiding in the battles against Nemesis, Umbra, and Asmodeus. During the fight with the second Word, Zane is slain by Athius.

Legacy Edit

Millenias later, one of Sirberius Reono's "others" is named after Zane.

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