Z'Niel is a target in "Bingo Book: Genesis of Unknown". He is the Guardian Angel of Elder God Izen, and later, keeper of Nemesis' first Oracle.

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Izen's Guardian Angel




Atlantis, Organization V

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Bingo Book: Genesis of Unknown

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Z'Niel is a person very loyal to Izen. After Izen's death near the end of The Great God War, Z'Niel was a wreak. However, after being offered a job by Nemesis, he became loyal to her. He lusted for the chance to impress her, possibly growing feelings for her. He creates Nobodies as per ordered.

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Great God War arc Edit

Though he is never seen, it is presumed that Z'Niel went on several missions for Izen. When Izen was killed by Tenkai Hyachi and Joel, he was devestated. He was approached by Nemesis who offered him a position in Organization V as one of the Ocheren.

Demon Destroyer of Gods arc Edit

Z'Niel helps Yesed into Atlantis to allow him to assist the Demon Destroyer of Gods in eliminating the members of the Black Circle. However, Z'Niel and Yesed are caught. Yesed manages to escape but Z'Niel is stuck with fighting Elder God Kami. Z'Niel uses the Oracle to create a Nobody of Eon to kill Kami. As they leave, Z'Niel names the Nobody Noe.

Fate of the Unknown Edit

After the Ragnarok Tragedy, Z'Niel is ordered to keep an eye on the Remnants of Atlantis with Unknown. He encounters Ashley whom he has a grudge with. Knowing that Ashley once had feelings for Nathaniel, Z'Niel creates a Nobody of Nathaniel named Hinnalate. Hinnalate fails to distress Ashley and she ends up killing the Nobody and his creator.

Z'Niel is killed by Ashley in "Bingo Book: Genesis of Unknown".

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