Yuado is a target in "Bingo Book - Hit List". He was a lycan that once fought Sirberius Reono during The Great God War. Years later, Yuado was recruited into the Fallen Order by Zycaira.

Yuado didn't have a last name until Dmitri wrote about the Battle of Shanra for "Bingo Book: Sephiroth".

Character Profile

Full Name

Yuado Wolfe




Hero of the Battle of Shanra




Wolfe Faction, Fallen Order

First Appearance

Bingo Book - Hit List

Bingo Book Kills


Personality Edit

Yuado Wolfe is a proud lycan, who has fun fighting. He doesn't put much thought in before fighting, as shown in his first encounter with Sirberius Reono and the Lamia Faction. He is quick to judge people.

Abilities Edit

Mee Chee Nee Qi Yha Edit

Summoning spell to summon wolves from blood and dirt. Mastered by lycans.

Synopsis Edit

Great God War arc Edit

During The Great God War, Yuado Wolfe was a general in the Wolfe Faction, a group who were angry at the Rocain Faction for helping Atlantis crusade against hybrids. At Shanra, his army encounters a guild of vampires. Without thinking, he has his army charge at the vampires. In the Battle of Shanra, Yuado battles a young Sirberius Reono and Tony Glut. When Ovan Fünf intervenes, it is revealed that the group of vampires are from the Lamia Faction, not the Rocain Faction. Furious, he asks his lieutenant, Gevurah, why he wasn't told this. Ovan reveals that Gevurah is with a group called Sephiroth. Pissed, Gevurah attacks them. Ovan, Tony, Sirberius, and Yuado manage to attack together and kill Gevurah.

Afterwards, Yuado decides he has had enough fighting and decides to retire. He makes his home in Shanra.

Dawn of a New Age arc Edit

Zycaira and Kavaso go to Shanra and persuade Yuado to join the Fallen Order. The trio decide to rest at Dry Man's Point where they encounter Sirberius Reono. Yuado tells Sirberius that there is no one there when Sirberius talks to Zane Hediyoshi. Sirberius insults Kavaso and the two begin fighting. Zycaira and Yuado help out Kavaso. They try to pin him down but end up running into each other. After Sirberius summons Zane and kills Kavaso, Sirberius and Zane use Draining Infinity Cannon on Zycaira and Yuado.

Yuado is killed by Sirberius and Zane in "Bingo Book - Hit List".