"My name is Yato Kitsune. This is my brother, Hasha Kitsune. We've been hired to kill you, Councilor Delacoure."
— Yato to Rubi Delacoure

Yato Kitsune is the brother of Hasha Kitsune. When an assassination attempt on Rubi Delacoure fails, Yato flees, not to be seen for a few years. He was once apart of Organization V's Juunikoudou. Due to his believed knowledge of Hyroku the Gem of Power, Vier Weiss tracks Yato down, only to be disappointed that Yato knows nothing.

Character Profile

Full Name







fire fox


Organization V

First Appearance

The Chase

Bingo Book Kills




Personality Edit


Abilities Edit


Synopsis Edit

Dawn of a New Age arcEdit

Being a Juunikoudoutai colleague with Kira, Kira asks Yato to help with the assassination of Rubi Delacoure. Yato agrees and gets the help of his brother Hasha and the help of the "Necromancers of Dead Fox Swamp" Quazar Morte and Irmão Morte. However, due to Greel's intervention, the plan fails. Yato is shot and runs away, abandoning his brother. Yato makes his way to the Desert of Kaidva where he make his home.

Chase arc Edit

While searching for Hyroku, Weiss hears a rumor that Yato once researched about the gem. Weiss finds Yato and demands for the location of Hyroku the Gem of Power but Yato doesn't know the location. Realizing it was a wild goose chase, Weiss kills Yato.

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