Xion is the Muerta of Ino. Even before the birth of the Muerta, her Vida went by the name Xion instead of Vino. Xion "officially" came to be when Vino was killed by L'rac Aledan.

Character Profile

Full Name










Personality Edit

Xion is a lustful woman, even for succubi. She goes for men, especially parents, to satisfy her hunger for affair. She hates children, as shown when killing the daughter of one of her hypnotized lovers.

Abilities Edit


Synopsis Edit

Dawn of a New Age arc Edit

After being born, she is found by Vislumbrar. They encounter Luther Ellis and kill him. 

Behind the Scenes Edit

Xion was originally created by Zane and Carl for "Bingo Book - Hit List". At the time she was just a normal criminal succubus until Dmitri decided to keep her for the Juunikoudoutai. When Dmitri worked on Finis Valorum, he made Xion a Muerta since she fit the bill but explained how she survived the encounter with Larac was that her Vida had been killed, not the Muerta.

For a time, Xion was going to be called Naomi Xion. It was later undone.

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