Vino, or "Naomi Xion", was the Vida of Ino. She went searching for her lover and found herself in a village. She was hunted by L'rac Aledan before she could find him.

Character Profile
Naomi Xion

Full Name



Zane, Carl, User:PhaethonZer0fNothing





Synopsis Edit

Dawn of a New Age arc Edit

Naomi Xion is stealing men from a small village when she encounters Larac. Larac tricks Xion into thinking he is going to make love to her but instead pins one of her wings to a tree. However, the daughter of one of the men from the village comes and Xion kills her. Enraged, Larac puts Xion into a seal. He tortures her, both physically, mentally, and sexually. Finally, on the tenth day, he bites her, making her bleed to death.

With Vino's death, the Muerta Xion is born.

Behind the Scenes Edit

Vino appears in "Bingo Book - Hit List" as Xion. The later background provided by Dmitri reveals that she was in fact the Vida Vino.

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