Veldos is target in "Bingo Book - Hit List". He is an Alquimista who is ordered to assassinate Ky.

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Zane and Dmitri


La Alquimista de Dos




Organization V

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Bingo Book - Hit List

Bingo Book Kills


Personality Edit

Veldos is a sexists. He plain hates females, which leads him to call Ky "girl". He usually underestimates his opponents, something he's warned not to do.

Abilities Edit

Vena Vampyra Edit

Vena Vampyra is Spanish for "Vein Vampire". Vena Vampyra allows the user to summon roots to drain the blood and energy out of an opponent and into the user.

Vampires are immune to Vena Vampyra, which is why Veldos was unable to use Vena Vampyra on Ky and Deidore.

Synopsis Edit

Dawn of a New Age Edit

The Four Heavenly Rulers order Veldos to assassinate Ky. The Mystic Council gets wind of him being an assassin and puts him in the Bingo Book. He locates Veldos who is waiting for him. Veldos attacks Ky and Deidore but is killed by Deidore.

Ky and Deidore kill Veldos in "Bingo Book - Hit List".

Trivia Edit

  • Veldos is the first Organization V seen
  • Veldos is never able to use his Siete ability: Vena Vampyra
  • Veldos is the only Alquimista whose name does not fully come from Spanish

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