Kyriel, later Vasija, is an angel who served Elder God Eleison. When the Ragnarok Tragedy causes the angels and gods to flee Atlantis Natura Deorum, Kyriel fled to Faralda along with the rest of the Remnants of Atlantis. He hires Dark Face to assassinate Eleison in hopes to become an Elder God. However, Kyriel was tracked down by Francesco Calcostado and offered power by Organization V.

Character Profile

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Atlantis, Remnants of Atlantis, Organization V



Personality Edit

Kyriel was an angel who thought highly of himself, believing he should have become an Elder God instead of Danziel when Elder God Andi died. When Ein Stein turned Kyriel into Vasija, all emotions were stripped away.

Synopsis Edit

Fate of the Unknown arc Edit

Kyriel was first seen hiring Dark Face to assassinate Eleison. However, Dark Face never returned and Kyriel began to worry. A suspicious person began tailing him so Kyriel made a break for it. However, the person, introduced as Francesco Calcostado, transported Kyriel to The Spire. There Draethius offered Kyriel power. However, it was a trick and Kyriel was operated on by Ein Stein, becoming Vasija.

Behind the Scenes Edit

Originally Kyriel and Vasija were to be two seperate people but Dmitri thought to recycle a Bingo Book target to be Vasija, Draethius' new vessel. Kyriel was also suppose to be betrayed and killed by Dark Face but Dark Face's author decided he didn't want to fight Vasjija after all.

Vasija is Spanish for "vessel". Dmitri was going to have an angel named Vesel but used Kyriel instead to become Kyriel.

Kyriel came from the word "kyrie", which is Latin for "lord". The Kyriel-Eleison relationship was a pun to the Christian phrase "Kyrie Eleison", which means "Lord have mercy".

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