"I hate vampires."

Ranmaru Rocain

Vampires are humanoid beings, who are known for their long life spans and having to drink blood of other beings in order to survive.

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History Edit

Vampires, before the Old War, was under the control of the Lamia Faction. When Elder God Bloodpool fought two other gods in the Old War, the Lamia Faction backed him. The war ended and Lamia lost a lot of respect. The Rocain Faction managed to seize control over the vampiric community and exiled the Lamia Faction.

When Elder Gods Izen and Darmadia began The Great God War, the Rocain Faction felt obliged to join in the crusade. Seeing this as a chance to reclaim their control, the Lamia Faction joined forces with the Wolfe Faction, a werewolf-based family, in order to defeat the Rocain Faction.

An unknown syndicate saw this as a threat to the war and sent in a spy to sabotage Wolfe and Lamia's alliance. However, the spy failed when a traveler revealed to Yuado Wolfe that his lieutenant, Gevurah, the spy, was tricking Yuado into attacking Zevon Lamia's army. Gevurah was killed and the alliance remained true. Finally, Rocain leader Ranmaru Rocain died during the First Battle of Rocain Alistair. With Ranmaru dead, the Rocain quickly fell apart.

After the war, the Lamia Faction turned on the Wolfe Faction. The Mystic Knights managed to stop the bloodshed but by then the vampires and lycans were scattered along the lands. It wouldn't be until Sirberius Reono, a half vampire himself, created the Mystic Council that the vampires and lycans were united once more.

Anatomy Edit

Vampires have a humanistic appearance. Similiar to elves, vampires have pointy ears. Except for rare cases, vampires have crimson red eyes. The most well-known vampiric trait is the fangs. Vampires use fangs in order to pierce the skin of their prey so that blood will flow to allow them to drink. A fact discovered by Sebastin Darling is that vampire blood is poisonous to other vampires.

Though many consider vampires to be of the ranks of the 'undead', vampires are just normal beings with long life spans. Their pale skin is the result of having no UV protection in their skin, which is why vampires generally don't like the sun.

Like some other races, vampires can undergo Ka'Dai Metamorphasis. However, their physique doesn't change as dramatic, only gaining more bat-like features. The greatest change is growing large bat wings.

Legends have it that a vampire once angered an Elder God. As punishment, the vampire was made to feel weak when around holy water and to fear crosses. Unlike popular belief, crosses do not hurt vampires.

Well-Known Vampires Edit

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