Va'ashear was a shinigami who worked for Valentine de Invidia and, behind Valentine's back, Kira. He was the former partner of Javex Serva.

Character Profile

Full Name





Bounty Hunter of Ciudad de Isla Noche




Cross Faction, SALIGIA

First Appearance

Sirberius' Past: The Great God War



History Edit

Va'ashear was born a poor shinigami. When Shinigami King Tiolee Cross had Ciudad de Isla Noche created, Va'ashear's family moved to the shinigami-only city. When his parents discovered the truth of Ciudad de Isla Noche, they were killed. Va'ashear was raised to be a bounty hunter and later gained the title of "Bounty Hunter of Isla Noche". During an assignment St. Sutherland's to invesitage the disappearance of Tiolee's sister, Tia Cross, Va'ashear came into contact with SALIGIA's Sinner of Envy, Lord Valentine de Invidia. Va'ashear then began working for Valentine (and Kira)

Synopsis Edit

Great God War arc Edit

After Ashley de Superbia forced Valentine to reveal the locations of Sirberius Reono and Tenkai Hyachi, Kira ordered Va'ashear to kill Sirberius Reono. Va'ashear got a few of his old bounty hunter friends to attack Zelkova to allow himself to engage battle with Va'ashear. In his battle with Sirberius, Va'ashear killed Zane Hediyoshi. In revenge, Sirberius made a pact with Draethius. With his newfound power, Sirberius trapped Va'ashear in an unknown realm.

It is unknown if Va'shear died or not.

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