Toltayose is a target in "Bingo Book - Fallen Order Lieutenants". He is one of the senior lieutenants of the Fallen Order.

Character Profile

Full Name





The Possessing Corpse




Fallen Order

First Appearance

Bingo Book - Fallen Order Lieutenants

Bingo Book Kills


Personality Edit

Toltayose is obsessed with nicknames, even knowing Sirberius's (Demon Destroyer of Gods), Zane's (Demon of the Black Engulfing Flame), and Sparda's (Demon of Lost Souls). He is also obsessed with information, preferring to see things first-hand.

Abilities Edit

Necromancy Edit

The ability to animate and control corpses.

Synopsis Edit

Fallen Order arc Edit

After Sirberius Reono is weak after his fight with Cheruna, Toltayose tries his luck against the Kim-un-Kur. He reveals his knowledge of Sirberius' past involvement with Draethius. Sirberius gets pissed and the two fight. Finally, Sirberius lets Toltayose "see first-hand" what he can do. After a series of attacks, Sirberius finishes off Toltayose with Divine Trinity Infinite Cannon.

Toltayose is killed by Sirberius in "Bingo Book - Fallen Order Lieutenants".

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