Thorns is an angelic unit under the command of Elder God Rosaline. After the Battle of Swawns, most of the members were either dead or had been reassigned to SALIGIA.



Marcel was the Archangel in charge. He perished in the Battle of Swawns.


Dominel was the angel second-in-command of Thorns. He later became the leader of SALIGIA, Dominic de Avaritia.


Ariel was an angel who mainly worked communications. She became a traitor and joined the Fallen Order. She was killed by Draethius when his bomb dentonated.


Nathaniel was friends with Barrel and Azazel. He was killed defending Eon during the Battle of Swawns.


A'Ciel is an angel with two Nobodies: Alice and Lacie. She was the only surviving Thorns member not to join SALIGIA.

Sara O'NielEdit

Sara O'Niel was the Guardian Angel of Rosaline. She perished when Draethius' bomb destroyed the Swawns Colony.


Flamel was a Kilsein pilot. She later became Ashley de Superbia of SALIGIA.


Carmel was a singer. She later became Diva de Luxuria of SALIGIA.


Barrel was a researcher. He later became Valentine de Invidia of SALIGIA.


Muriel was Dominel's lover. She later became Dominique de Gula of SALIGIA.

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