The Fall of Divine Reign is a story that takes place right after Bingo Book: The Key 4, beginning at the entry in the Bingo Book called "Dawn of a Dark Age". It shows the Third Battle of Kaidva, which took place between the Kim-un-Kur Committee and Sirberius Reono, Tenkai Hyachi, Kira de Ira and Valentine de Invidia.

Dramatis Personae Edit

Storyline Edit

After Sirberius Reono lost control of his powers and stopped by Valentine de Invidia and Tenkai Hyachi, Sirberius Reono left the Mystic Council. He is confronted by the Kim-un-Kur Committee who decide to execute him. Sirberius decides to fight for his life. He manages to kill an Elder God before Kira arrives; Kira teams up with Sirberius in order to defeat the Elder Gods. Kira's Envious Scythe kills another Elder God.

Letting Sirberius have the time to release his Complete Form, Kira distracts the Elder Gods. Sirberius unleashes his Complete Form and combines Heine's Zero, Heine's Shadow, and Heine's Invasion to make Heine's Obliteration. Sirberius flashes between the Elder Gods, causing them to scatter. One Elder God flees too close to Kira, getting beheaded.

Tenkai Hyachi, guised as Elder God Rosalina, reveals himself, killing an Elder God. He joins in on the fight but admits not trusting Kira. Valentine, sensing Kira, arrives. He also joins in on the fight, evening the odds. Per Valentine's suggestion, the split into teams of two: Sirberius and Tenkai take on Rotaru and Danziel while Valentine and Kira take on Hallelujah and Amen.

Valentine and Kira fight Hallelujah and Amen. Using their knowledge of elements, they gain the advantage over the Elder Gods. Tricking Amen to deflecting Kira's fireball with water, creating mist. In the smokescreen, Valentine and Kira attack Amen from behind, killing the Elder God.

Hallelujah proves to be a problem. He makes Kira a deal that if he kills his twin brother, Kira will be exempt from punsihment. With Valentine using Frozen Sand, they trick Hallelujah into believing that Kira killed Valentine. Letting his guard down, Valentine and Kira attack Hallelujah. They manage to injure Hallelujah but Alleluia rescues him, returning to Atlantis.

Sirberius and Tenkai fight Rotaru and Danziel. Tenkai uses Valentine's Sapphire Lodis to resurrect Anemone and Ryuko. They defeat the Elder Gods and banish them to the Death Dimension.

Elsewhere, in the Death Dimension, Vier Weiss visits Draethius in order to train himself for an expedition ahead. He introduces Draethius to Lozaru. In the meeting, Weiss mentions his intent to find a "certain object".

Behind the Scenes Edit

A majority of the Elder Gods from the Kim-un-Kur Committee were unnamed. Dmitri would later identify the ones not named.

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