"Unlike other storyline arcs like "Growth of Sin" or "The Chase", you can battle Bingo Book targets here. To progress to the next storyline, not all the targets have to be fought or killed. Also, some targets you are not allowed to kill; you can defeat them but you cannot kill them. The goal of this storyline is to reach The Clouds to get to Zwei Manor in order to leave The Spire."

Spire of Nihilism is a Bingo Book taking place at The Spire. After the Third Battle of Faralda, the Mystic Council is brought to The Spire and seperated. They fight their way to Zwei Manor in order to escape.


  • Chimarrouro
  • Jimbley
  • Carl
  • Winter Stark
  • Akatsuki Rocain
  • Tasogare Rocain
  • Xion
  • Sasuke Kage
  • Jūbei Hyachi
  • Rachel
  • Giovanni Rest
  • Francesco Calcostado
  • Vasija
  • Vilipendiar
  • Vislumbrar
  • Voz
  • Vaciar
  • Ein Stein
  • Carlisle Dezmonariero
  • Zayne Uquiador

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