Epitaph of Value




The Zero of Nothing


Sparda Horaku, Heine's Zero, Ben

"They ventured to Xi the Realm of Nihilism. They found a Cipher and its guardian. Sparda the Zero of Nothing guarded it so."
— Epitaph of Value —

Sparda the Zero of Nothing is a character in the Epitaph of Value.

Epitaph of Value Edit

Sparda is the guardian of the Cipher of Nothing at Xi. Sparda agrees to give Zein the Cipher in exchange for allowing him to join Zein's group. Sparda later aids in the battles against al-Kafirun, Mammon, Sutherland, and Diva. He was the only one to stay by Zein's side when all but the Cipher of Light had been found.  

Legacy Edit

Millenias later, one of Sirberius Reono's "others" is named after Sparda.

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