Sakai is a target in "Bingo Book - Visorese Leaders (Fallen Captains)". His real name is Shein Lamia, cousin to Zevon Lamia and disinheirited heir to the Lamia Faction. He later joined Black Circle where the Four Horsemen ordered him to infiltrate the Fallen Order.

It is unknown if he is in league with Fallan or not.

Character Profile

Full Name

Shein Lamia


Dan and Carl






Lamia Faction, Black Circle, Fallen Order

First Appearance

Bingo Book - Visorese Leaders

Bingo Book Kills


Synopsis Edit

Fallen Order arc Edit

Larac is assigned by Youichi to rescue Dante and find Sakai. Larac and Ezra go to Fallan's castle where they encounter Sakai. After Sakai intimidates Ezra, Larac discovers that Sakai is an old friend of his, Shein Lamia. Larac and Sakai fight. Larac splits in two and the clone nearly destroys both Sakai and the real Larac.

Sakai is killed by Larac in "Bingo Book - Visorese Leaders".

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