Sebastin Darling is a character in the role play Mystical Community. Sebastin is the Coordinator (leader) of The Order. He was the mentor of Dmitri Valenti and was in constant contact with Tenkai Hyachi and Leonardo de Ira.

Character Profile

Full Name

Sebastin Darling




Coordinator Darling




The Order

First Appearance

Dmitri's Past: Hawkeye Curse

Bingo Book Kills




Personality Edit

Sebastin is a man who lives by grace and kindness. He respects those around him and remains loyal to his subordinates. He is a father figure to Dmitri.

Synopsis Edit

Great God War arc Edit

After Cedric Aduella vanished, Sebastin requested a meeting with Tenkai Hyachi, Leonardo de Ira, and Valentine de Invidia. Accompanying him were Dmitri and Dmitri's guard, Zel. Sebastin went to talk to Tenkai and Leonardo while Dmitri and Zel went to the Hall of Music and Valentine went elsewhere. Sensing something was wrong, Leonardo headed to the Cathedral of Serenity with Sebastin right behind him. When they got there, they saw Ppelono and Izen fighting Tenkai. However, Sebastin was killed in the fight.

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