Sasuke Hiei Kage was a Juunikoudoutai and Tarot's "Star". He was the first one sent after Dante in the Death Dimension but after an injury, was reassigned under Alquimista Vilipendiar in The Spire.

Character Profile

Full Name

Sasuke Hiei Kage (sauce-kay he-aye caw-gay)




The Star




Tarot, Organization V


Inferno arcEdit

Sasuke is the commanding officer of the demons who hunt Dante and Sirberius Reono. Sasuke continues the hunt even after Sirberius escapes but in a battle, Sasuke is injured and reassigned elsewhere.

The Spire arcEdit

Sasuke meets up with Vilipendiar in the Upper City to inform Vilipendiar that he has been assigned to work for the Alquimista. However, they encounter Dmitri Valenti, Ashley de Superbia, Ben Kane, and Yaduri. A fight ensues, in which Sasuke loses his right arm. As Ben tries to kill Sasuke, Vaciar intervenes and kidnaps Ben. However, Sasuke is eventually killed by Dmitri from two bullet wounds to the head.

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