Ryo Hyachi is the father of Tenkai Hyachi and Jūbei Hyachi. He was a Nirvanism Maester and Vahashi. He died in 42 OAE, leaving his title to his family; since Tenkai was a hybrid, the title of Vahashi, or Elemental Lord, was given to Jūbei.

Character Profile

Full Name

Ryo Hyachi




Vahashi Ryo





First Appearance

Noah's Past: Legacy of Egrigori

Bingo Book Kills




History Edit

Ryo was an only child. Seeking adventure, he joined Nirvanism and gained a Crystal ability. Throughout the years he apprenticed under the Leader himself until he, too, became a Maester. As a Maester, he took a young Karl Bates under his wing. He married and had a son, Jūbei. Two years later, after a mission with Maester Abel Kane, Ryo was informed that his father had passed away, making Ryo the new Vahashi. Ryo was devistated. A woman from Tarot Deck took advantage of Ryo's state and bore him another child, Tenkai. In attempt to hide from the publicity that was being caused by the affair with the Tarot Deck woman, Ryo joined Abel in an expedition to find Azazel's Ruby Kilsein.

Synopsis Edit

Shadows of Egrigori arc Edit

Ryo was one of the people who joined Noah's expedition. When Chesed Stark and M. N. Nairb attacked Gretchen Ashford, Frank N. Stein, and Akatsuki Rocain, Ryo took Akatsuki back to The Order's nearest base, St. Sutherland's.

After Darius Reono took Akatsuki to St. Sutherland's medical wing, Matthau Ashford and Ryo were summoned to Lucas Darling's office. Lucas Darling reveals that Cridageus Stark has no relative by the name of Chesed Stark. In an effort to not allow this information to reach anyone else, Matthau shoots Lucas and Ryo.

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