Requiva is a target in "Bingo Book - Hit List". He was an artificial dragon created at Vaquero's ranch where he was personally created by Vaquero and Draethius. He was sent to take out Sirberius Reono.

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Sirberius (Zane)






Fallen Order

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Bingo Book - Hit List

Bingo Book Kills


Personality Edit

Requiva is one who prefers to fight on equal grounds. He tries not to kill innocent people if possible, as shown in his raid in the village of Shanra.

Abilities Edit

Freeze Burst Edit

Freeze Burst is an ability that shoots out highly condensed water balls. Once it hits an objects, it quickly starts an exothermic reaction, freezing the surrounding area.

Synopsis Edit

Dawn of a New Age arc Edit

Requiva is ordered to by Vaquero and Draethius to go after Sirberius Reono and try to take him out. Requiva terrorizes Shanra, but doesn't kill anyone, to get Sirberius to come to him. Requiva informs Sirberius of his plan and begins to fight. Sirberius banishes Requiva to the Death Dimension.

Requiva is defeated by Sirberius in "Bingo Book - Hit List".