Mewt: "A dragon, huh? It has been awhile since I've seen one. They have a slight smell on them like something's burning. They were blessed with dragon blood or so the legend has it, by the Dragon God."
Rasharia: "Is it true? Being blessed by the Dragon God?"
Mewt: "Don't know, I never met him. However he does exist."
Mewt Magashio Morakami and Eva Rasharia[src]

Rasharianavus the Dragon God is a character in the Epitaph of Value and a deity in dragon mythology.

Epitaph of Value Edit

Rasharianavus is one of the children of Leg Godt. She was the creator of the dragon race. Influenced by Duo, she created the realm Upsilon the Mysterious Realm of Lemures. Later, Carl obtained the Cipher of Unknown from Lemures, presumable from Rasharianavus.

When Heine confronted Xaltienne, Xaltienne sealed Rasharianavus and Akorus.

Legacy Edit

A dragon clan was named after Rasharianavus. The clan, however, died out when its last member, Eva Rasharia died at the hands of Mewt M. Morakami.

Behind the Scenes Edit

Rasharianavus and Akorus are two characters in the Epitaph of Value based off of earlier works. While Akorus was built off the false Lycan God Akorun, Rasharianavus was based off of the "Dragon God" mentioned by Eva Rasharia. In dedication to the character, the root of Rasharianavus comes from her name.

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