Raoul Uquiador is a target in "Bingo Book - Hit List". He is the brother of Zanenadiero and master of the chimaera named Hasha. He is a former student at Chronos Academy where he learned how to control his Shadow Manipulation.

Raoul Uquiador doesn't obtain his first name until Zane was working on Organization V.

Personality Edit

Raoul can be cocky but knows his place. He was given Hasha by Vaquero to terrorize villages. Since he never asks questions, he never thought it was odd. He values his life very much, which leads him to protect his body but putting it out of phase.

Raoul doesn't get along well with his brother, Zanenadiero. The two usually argue but Zanenadiero does care for his brother. Zanenadiero punishes Fallan for sending Raoul

Abilities Edit

Shadow Manipulation Edit

The art of shadow manipulation. It was perfected by shadow elementalists.

Synopsis Edit

Dawn of a New Age Edit

Fallan sends Raoul Uquiador and chimaera Hasha to wreak havoc in the countryside. They later encounter Dante who fights them. Raoul Uquiador begins with an upper hand because of his Shadow Manipulation but begins to lose. He teams up with Hasha to bring down Dante but fails. Hasha is ripped to pieces and Dante drains the blood out of Uquiador.

Uquiador is killed by Dante in "Bingo Book - Hit List".