"Who dares summon the wrath of Quazar, master necromancer?"
— Quazar in response to Dante's taunts —

Quazar Morte is the brother of Irmão Morte. He and his brother are known as the "Necromancers of Dead Fox Swamp". They are hired to kill Rubi Delacoure but the assassination fails and Irmão is killed. Some time later, Dante is sent to finish up what Rubi started and killed Quazar.

Character Profile

Full Name

Quazar Morte


Sirberius (Zane)


Necromancer of Dead Fox Swamp




Mystic Council

First Appearance

Bingo Book - Hit List

Bingo Book Kills


Personality Edit

Quazar is a prideful and arrogant man. He does not like to be called upon. If provoked, he summons hordes of demons.

Abilities Edit

Necromancy Edit

The ability to summon hordes of demons and undead.

Synopsis Edit

Dawn of a New Age arc Edit

Quazar, Irmão, and two fox spirits named Yato Kitsune and Hasha Kitsune are hired by Akirael to kill Rubi Delacoure of the Mystic Council. Due to Greel's intervention, the plan fails. After being shot by Greel, he flees into the swamp with Rubi chasing after him. Luckily he manages to escape.

Sometime later, Rubi's fiance, Sirberius Reono, sends Dante to kill Quazar. Quazar tries to use a horde of demons to kill Dante but fails. Quazar is eventually killed by Dante in their fight.

Trivia Edit

  • Quazar is the very first Mystical Community Bingo Book target to die