Noe Cross is a character in the role play Mystical Community. He is the adopted son of Tiolee Cross. He was a friend of Zayru Licayan and later Mystic Council member.

Character Profile
Ying Yang Angel

Full Name

Noe Cross




Shinigami Prince




Cross Faction

First Appearance

The Council's Past: Noe Conspiracy

Bingo Book Kills


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Dawn of a New Age arc Edit

When Sirberius Reono goes to Tiolee Cross to offer him a position in his Mystic Council, Tiolee declines. Tiolee suggests that Noe take the position instead, which both Sirberius and Noe agree. While Noe and Sirberius are leaving Castle Cross, they run into Noe's friend, Zayru Licayan. Zayru joins them on their journey. However, The Twins get Zayru killed by manipulating him into attacking Sirberius.

Ever since Zayru's death, Noe held a grudge against Sirberius. During a meeting, he suggests having the Council take out Bingo Book targets. Even though he thought of the idea, he became furious when Sirberius gave Youichi the job to monitor the Bingo Books.

The Twins later manipulate Noe into beginning a conspiracy against Sirberius and the Council. Noe recruits Vode con Len and Dapunzuel into his plans. However, when they execute their coup d'etat, Calintz Stir Ferena and Youichi stop them. Vode is arrested and Dapunzuel pretends to not have been involved. Noe is forced to run, where he is caught and killed by Tenkai Hyachi.