"Necromancy is one of the Six Forbidden Arts. It was banned years ago by an unnamed Vahashi. Today, very few people still practice the art of necromancy. Necromancy is the art of resurrecting the dead, or summoning various creatures or even familiars from Death Dimension. Many have tried to use necromancy to bring back a loved one only to discover the resurrected person brain dead. The problem with necromancy is that it only summons the body of one once dead, giving the corpse no mind or soul. It is rumored that Demon Lord Draethius, the center figure around the cult Fallen Order, found a way to successfully resurrect the dead but no such solid fact has been recorded."
— Article about Necromancy in The Essential Guide to Magyk ~ Chronos Academy Edition by Magnus Nightstriker and L. Rick Edwards —

Necromancers are mortal practitioners of death magic, commonly referred to as necromancy. Necromancers are spellcasters whose magics manipulate the power of death. In calling upon this power, necromancers risk being consumed by it — until eventually they join the ranks of the undead (see Lich). Commanding the undead they gradually take on the characteristics of the dead — hollow eyes, shambling gaits, pallid and sunken skin, foul odors and so forth.


Human necromancer summoning skeletons to do his biding

Well-Known Necromancers Edit

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