"This will be a concise account of present history of the Mystical Community, but changes might occur due to the process of historical disagreements with me and the other writers. Everything written here will be the basis (if possible) of a manga written by me (drawn by ??????); I didn't use the word "The" because I believe there are more than a thousand stories that can be told in this Mystical Universe, and a thousand versions of it's writing and art styles. This will also be the basis of how Political, Cultural and Hierarchical mechanisms work in the MC Universe."
— -Carl

Mystical Community: Story of Vance is an ongoing series of entries of a story-versioned anime written by Carl (blacksheep12). It focuses around the history of the Mystical Community from the standpoint of a hybrid named Vance Auraguard. In the series, he meets many of the main characters, even becoming an apprentice to Dante.

Synopsis Edit


List of Characters Edit

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