Matthau Ashford is a character in the role play Mystical Community. He is the second-in-command of The Order and one of the Ocheren for Organization V. He and Arov orchestrated the Ragnarok Tragedy where he ended up being killed by Evan Nigel but it is unknown if that really happened.

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Matthau Ashford








The Order, Organization V

First Appearance

Dmitri's Past: Hawkeye Curse

Bingo Book Kills




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Great God War arc Edit

When Matthau hears about Sebastin Darling's death at Sibilis, Matthau goes to find Sirberius Reono in Besaid per Sebastin's earlier orders. On the way he finds the injured Saria. When he finally gets there, he finds that Besaid has been destroyed and Sirberius is no where to be seen. He meets up with Tenkai Hyachi whom fills him in on everything.

Though its never seen, it is presumed that because Darius Reono is later discovered alive and that both are Ocheren, it is guessed that Matthau finds a severely injured Darius Reono, presumed dead by his son, and treats him.

Throughout the next year, Matthau helps Dmitri Valenti take command of The Order. Near the end of the war, Matthau and Dmitri go to Dry Man's Point to speak with the HyBreed. While negociating, they are attacked by Darmadia's forces. Though Matthau tries to persuade Dmitri to escape, Dmitri helps HyBreed take down Darmadia.

Later, Matthau attends the signing of the Dry Man Treaty which ends The Great God War.

Chase arc Edit

After Hallelujah escapes Sirberius, Tenkai, Valentine, and Kira's massacre of the Kim-un-Kur Committee and informs Atlantis of what happened, Matthau and Arov begin a massacre in Atlantis, dubbed the Ragnarok Tragedy. They kill most of the gods and angels but are then stopped by Evan Nigel.

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