This is the basic format for character bios in MC Wiki. Due to lack of info, some of the parts may not be needed. Also, if the text is italicized, then it's optional; only put information in an optional category if you have the information, or if the information exists. Here it is:

[Name of character] is/was... [intro paragraph for the character]

Character Profile

Full Name

[put Character's full name here]


[put creator's name here]


[put character's nickname or title if character has one; if character does not have one, put "N/A"]


[put character's race here]


[put groups character is in here]

First Appearance

[put title of section in the storyline that character first appeared]

Bingo Book Kills

[list targets character has taken on in Bingo Books

Personality Edit

[Describe the character's personality]

Abilities Edit

[List and describe the abilities and powers the character has]

Weapons Edit

[List the character's weapons]

Synopsis Edit

[State what character did in each arc the character was in]

Behind the ScenesEdit

[Put any trivia info here]

Navigation Edit

[If the character is in a group that has a list box template, put it here; this is optional]

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