Luke is a character in the role play Mystical Community. He is one of the more powerful Elder Gods who controlled 'Thorns' and the Kim-un-Kur Committee. He went missing between Azriel's Fall and the Maverick Hills Incident.

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Elder God


Atlantis, Thorns, Kim-un-Kur Committee

First Appearance

Dmitri's Past: Hawkeye Curse

Bingo Book Kills


Personality Edit

Luke is a caring person, always looking out for his people. Though he tends to like peaceful conclusions, he will use force if necessary. Unlike some of his fellow Elder Gods, he is not as arrogant and thus, created the Ragnarok Absolute System in case of an Elder God massacre (which occured during the Ragnarok Tragedy).

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Egrigori arc Edit

Before Egrigori Fell, Luke was in charge of 'Thorns', an angelic unit that protected Atlantis. He was good friends with Elder Gods Eon and Mystia. While in the peak of his reign, he had two Guardian Angels: Nathaniel and Ukel (in "Bingo Book: Genesis of Unknown", Ukel is revealed to be a Nobody of Luke).

After Egrigori's mission to the Death Dimension, Luke and several Elder Gods noticed that Egrigori had changed. A trial against several Egrigori members led to the entire team to be banished from Atlantis. When Azazel Fell, he swore vengeance.

Years later, 'Thorns' was met by Samyaza, a rogue Egrigori. He told Luke and 'Thorns' that Egrigori was planning an assault. Thanks to the warning, 'Thorns' was able to counterstrike but with several casualties, including Nathaniel and Eon. Luke personally banished Azazel and several key Egrigori members.

After the battle, later dubbed the Battle of Swawns, had a lasting effect. To make sure the emotion-invoking sins could be managed somewhat, Luke created SALIGIA, consisting of seven Sinner. Each Sinner would have a Stigma that contained the representation of that sin. The surviving 'Thorns', and Egrigori's Shamsiel, became the seven Sinners.

HyBreed arc Edit

After the events that occured concerning Count Grindell, Luke forced Valentine de Invidia to obey the rulings of the newly formed Kim-un-Kur Committee that Luke had just created.

Great God War arc Edit

Shortly after he and Elder God Eleison banished Azriel and his fellow Archangels from the Black Circle, Luke is assaulted by Nemesis who, using The Oracle, kidnaps him.