Len Nieta is the complete self of the Vida Valentine. He was the foster parent of Deo. Len Nieta was the director of Redona LATN and the founder of Organization V. His Vida was later possessed by Barrel.

Character Profile
Len Nieta
Len Nieta with Dmitri Valenti's Hope & Despair

Full Name

Len Nieta




Director Nieta, Leader




Organization V






Personality Edit

Len Nieta was a strong-willed person, going with his gut feeling. He tended to do what he wanted, regardless of others warnings. Despite his workaholicism, he was good friends with Noah Darling.

Abilities Edit

Alquimia sin Valor Edit

Len Nieta absorbed Alquimia sin Valor to turn himself into a Vida.

History Edit

Len Nieta was a rich researcher whom had gone to school with Noah Darling.

After Noah Darling and Magnus Nightstriker discovered a mysterious tomb, Len Nieta studied Alquimia sin Valor and had Redona LATN constructed for it. He hired several leading scientists to work for him under his new organization. During one of the earlier experiments, Len Nieta, Noah Darling, and Rey accidently got turned into Vidas.

Behind the Scenes Edit

Len originates from the surname of Vode con Len, who would later be retconned to the Vida of Deo.

Nieta is Spanish for "granddaughter", a reference to The Clock Tower.

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