Kurasawa Cross is a character in the role play Mystical Community. He is the half-brother of Tiolee Cross and uncle of Noe Cross. He is one of the chief scientists of the Valentine de Invidia's Wave Project but later defects to the Fallen Order and Organization V.

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Full Name

Kurasawa Cross (cur-ah-saw-wah cross)


Dan and Dmitri






Cross Faction, Wave Project, Fallen Order, Organization V

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Bingo Book Kills




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Great God War arc Edit

During the time of The Great God War, Kurasawa worked on the Wave Project at Mirage Island's The Gourd along with Cedric Aduella and Grimm Degus. He worked under the direct supervision of Valentine de Invidia and Leonardo de Ira. For the most part of the war, Kurasawa was working with three children who he experimented on: Vode con Len and the brothers Francesco Calcastado and Daniel Calcastado.

When Leonardo died and Azriel rose to power, Kurasawa saw his chance with the Fallen Order. Under the supervision of Tobiya, Kurasawa worked on creating a perfect vessel for Draethius using the blood sample Leviat got from Noah de Acedia.

One day, Voz and Zwei came from Organization V to offer him a job. He worked on many side projects over the next week. However, when he was perfecting Dante as a vessel, a subject named Rebecca escaped. Voz, Zwei, and Leviat went after her and were able to catch her, however, they were not at The Cell in order to save Kurasawa Cross and the rest of the team (minus Tobiya who survived) from being killed by a berserk Dante.

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  • Kurasawa was originally an unnamed shinigami who was killed by Dante at The Cell but Dmitri later gave him the name Kurasawa Cross