Kim-un-Kur is the name of the ultimate hybrid, born once every 500 years. A Kim-un-Kur has split personalities called "others". The hybrids have different forms.

It was revealed in "Valentine's Past: Link", that Valentine was the creator of the first artificially created Kim-un-Kur. While the Elder Gods believe Valentine created the Kim-un-Kurs for them, it is actually for the mysterious Wave Project.

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Count Grindell Edit

Count Grindell's real name was Solomon Gregorovitch. He was born a bastard. He had only one friend, a boy named Valentino. Years later, Solomon changed his name to Grindell and created the hybrid faction HyBreed. HyBreed attempted to massacre pure races but were stopped by Bloodshire's King. In the battle, he believes he's accidently killed Valentino.

Grindell was burned at the stake. There he discovers that Valentino is alive and is actually Valentine.

Cordelia Aduella Edit

Cordelia is the only known female Kim-un-Kur to ever live. She was first mentioned by Valentine, who reveals that she is dead. Her death is unknown.

She may have a descendant by the name of Cedric Aduella.

Tenkai Hyachi Edit

(see Tenkai Hyachi)

Sirberius Reono Edit

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