Dmitri: "Who is that?"
Tenkai: "Kairi Reono, a scientist. She discovered the Demi form. Her son is a Kim-un-Kur too."
Dmitri Valenti and Tenkai Hyachi[src]

Kairi Drauest Reono is the sister of Wyatt Drauest, wife of Darius Reono, and mother of Sirberius Reono. She is famous for the discovery of the Demi form. Her fame was short lived when she was killed in the slaughter of Besaid.

Personality Edit

Kairi was a kind and caring parent. She loved her husband very much, even risk her relationship with her father to be with Darius.

Synopsis Edit

Age of Innocence arc Edit

Kairi and Darius raised Sirberius in Besaid. She had to be strict but kind in getting Sirberius to do his chores and training.

Great God War arc Edit

When a god attacked Besaid, the Reono family went to the town square to find out what was happening. The god killed Kairi first.

Behind the Scenes Edit

Kairi was created when Zane wrote about Sirberius' childhood and the beginning of The Great God War.

Later, Dmitri would reveal that Kairi is the sister of Lemures' Crowned Prince, Wyatt Drauest.

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