Joke Weapons were comical weapons produced by the Valentine Organization. It first started out when Valentine de Invidia made a Joke Weapon for each of the Sinners of SALIGIA.

SALIGIA's Joke Weapons Edit

Scandalous Edit

See main article: Scandalous

Scandalous was a flimsy katana made for Ashley de Superbia.

Couch Potato Edit

See main article: Couch Potato

Couch Potato is a gas-emitting bomb made for Noah de Acedia.

Freud's Lost Love Edit

See main article: Freud's Lost Love

Freud's Lost Love was a special type of perfume that drugged anyone in the area besides those with the antidote. It was made for Diva de Luxuria.

Jelly Sea Edit

See main article: Jelly Sea

Jelly Sea was a jar of jelly that expanded to capture an enemy. Valentine made it for himself and engineered it to taste like strawberry.

Gobble Me Up L-M0 Edit

See main article: Gobble Me Up L-M0

Gobble Me Up L-M0 was a gun that could be stored in the body. It was made for Dominique de Gula. The L-M0 would later be used to create Mewt's guns.

Lion's Den Edit

See main article: Lion's Den

Lion's Den was a lion's fur that could transform into a cage prison. It was meant for Leonardo de Ira but he died before he could get it.

Robin Edit

See main article: Robin

Robin was a fake bird made for Dominic de Avaritia. It could be used to snatch small items and letters. He eventually lost it on his way to Besaid after the SALIGIA Incident.

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