Jūbei Hyachi is the son of Ryo Hyachi and older brother of Tenkai Hyachi. When Jūbei's father died in an Order expedition, Jūbei became the new Vahashi, or Elemental Lord. As of Hyachi custom, the youngest child would have become the new Vahashi but since Tenkai was a hybrid, he was disowned. Jūbei has been in control of the elementalists, even through The Great God War.

Character Profile

Full Name

Jūbei Hyachi


Vahashi Jūbei







Behind the Scenes Edit

The name Tenkai originates from a Japanese Buddhist monk. Legends have it that Tenkai was actually a samurai named Akechi Mitsuhide, nicknamed Jūbei. Dmitri used his 'alter ego' for the name of Tenkai's brother.

Dmitri was originally going to name Tenkai's brother Takashi Hyachi but another Player used the name Takashi for one of their characters so Dmitri had to find a new name.

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