Akorun is a target in "Bingo Book - Fallen Order Lieutenants". He is a lycan who poses as a god in order to form the Akorun Cult. After leaving the Wolfe Faction, he joins the Fallen Order.

Being a member of the Wolfe Faction, it is speculated that Akorun's last name is Wolfe, just like Yuado.

Character Profile

Full Name

Akuron Wolfe (ack-or-un wolf)




Lycan God of the Akorun Cult




Akorun Cult, Fallen Order

First Appearance

Bingo Book - Fallen Order Lieutenants

Bingo Book Kills


Personality Edit

Akorun is a lycan who is full of himself. He always wants more.

Abilities Edit

Fatal Attraction Edit

Fatal Attraction creates monstrous pressure in the surrounding area, not affecting the user. It is rumored that Akorun was shown this from an angel but is speculated to actually have been Valentine de Invidia or his brother, Kira.

Amoebification Edit

Amoebification is an ability that if the user is cut in half, each half will become a whole. If the pieces don't combine back together within three hours, the user will die.

Synopsis Edit

Great God War arc Edit

Though never seen, Dmitri reveals that Akorun was a Wolfe Faction soldier. He later left in order to form the Akorun Cult.

Dawn of a New Age arc Edit

Akorun is first seen when the Akorun Cult has declared a village cursed so that the Akorun Cult could pilage the village. Larac arrives, oblivious to the Akorun Cult's lie. He encounters Akorun and gets defeated. As Akorun leaves, he sees a stranger bury Larac. He impeads and a fight with the stranger is started. After a while he is stopped By Zevon and dissapears instantly after insulting the stranger

Later, Larac and Ezra attack Akorun at the Akorun Cult's temple. Akorun is able to battle them on even grounds until Larac psychologically tortures Akorun with visions, putting him into a coma.

Akorun is defeated by Larac and Ezra in "Bingo Book - Fallen Order Lieutenants".