Hasha Kitsune is the brother of Yato Kitsune. The fox spirit was hired by Akirael to kill Rubi Delacoure but failed. Hasha was later changed into a chimiaera at Vaquero's ranch. Hasha and Raoul Uquiador are killed in the Second Battle of Zar' Crah.

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Sirberius (Zane)


  1. 0223




Fallen Order

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Hasha and Yato, along with Quazar Morte and Irmão Morte, were hired by Akirael to kill Rubi Delacoure. Akirael and Rubi went into Dead Fox Swamp were they the four were waiting to ambush her. However, due to an intervention by Greel, the plan was ruined. Hasha, having been wounded by Greel, was sent to Vaquero's ranch where he was transformed into a chimiaera.

While assigned to obey Raoul Uquiador, Fallan Stark orders Hasha and Uquiador to wreak havoc in the countryside. Uquiador encounters Dante and they begin fighting. Hasha teams up with Uquiador to take on Dante but Hasha ends up getting two of his legs ripped off. In a last desperate attempt to save his master, Hasha leaps in front of Uquiador.