Growth of Sin is a filler that takes place around Bingo Book - The Four Horsemen and leads into Final Confrontation.

Dramatis Personae Edit

Storyline  Edit

After fighting two gouls, Mewt arrives with a scroll from the Elders. Upon opening it, Sirberius, Zane and Mewt are teleported to a meeting with the Elders.

The Elders returned the power they took and asked for him to take care of Draethius. Upon receiving a spell for their new found form, the three were returned to Tyruna.

Shortly after, Mewt takes leave to deliver a scroll to L'rac. Sirberius then sees a stranger defeat one of the four horsemen and disappeare.

Upon turning the corner, He runs into Manuel, who attacks out of reflex. After a brief conversation, he takes leave. Sirberius then bumps into the stranger, who introduces him self as Valentine.

The two talk for a while. Once Valentine points out Rocain Alistair, the two head their to try and get Okuram back.

Upon arrival, A fight ensues between Sirberius, Zane and Okuram.

As Okuram charges at Sirberius, he is shot and knocked down. Sirberius then opens a vial the Elders gave him. Draethius's power then leaves Okuram, and he reverts back to Sparda.

Valentine is then noticed to have disappeared. About this time, Valentine encases the three brothers in sand. Valentine is then formed out of sand. Before being crushed, the Elders call them forth once more.

After sharing with the brothers the phrases needed to access their Kim-un-Kur form, the Elders returned them to where they were but no longer encased.

Sirberius stops time and enter their new found form. The new Sirberius then went after Valentine. After severing his head, Valentine's body returned to sand. Sirberius then spots the gourd were the sand is coming from and destroys it.

The brothers then realised that it was a trap and escaped as the fortress sunk into the desert.

Valentin then uses Thousand Eyes Restrict and uses them to shoot at Sirberius. Sirberius then notices a blood ruby hidden in the sand. Valentine appears and creates a tidal wave of sand. Sirberius fires at it blindly several times, finnally hitting Valentine in the eye. He replaces it and explains who he is and his purpose. Afterwards, he returns to The Castle In The Sky.

The brothers returned to Tyruna and met up Evangeline, Sirberius's adopted sister. Shortly after, they meet Tenkai, a fellow Kim-un-Kur. After a small chat, Tenkai gave Sirberius all the knowlege of the complete form that he possessed. As Tenkai left, he threw Sirberius a scroll. He then stopped and gave Sirberius more info on the demon lord, he then left. Sirberius then told Evangeline to put up flyers to advertise his up and coming fight with Dante.

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