Gel is a character in the role play in the role play Mystical Community. She was created by dmitrivalentine (Dmitri). She is the lieutenant to SALIGIA's Diva de Luxuria. She becomes jealous of Diva and joins up with Kira in order to betray their Sinners.

Character Profile
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Full Name



dmitrivalentine (Dmitri)






SALIGIA, Chronos Academy

First Appearance

Bingo Book - SALIGIA

Bingo Book Kills

Diva (by betrayal)

Personality Edit

Gel is an angel who once had a thing for Carmel, thus making her a lesbian. When Carmel became Diva, Gel decided to go for men. She realized the joy in playing with men and began to grow a jealousy towards Diva's looks and Power of Lust. Gel teamed up with Kira to betray their Sinners so they instead would become the new Sinners of Lust and Envy.

Gel is usually irrational, leading her to make the mistake of attacking other SALIGIA lieutenants that ended with her death.

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SALIGIA arc Edit

Gel is first seen at Shadow Imperia where she is revealed to be working with Phaethon (and Kira). When she attacks Greed and Gluttony, the three end up killing each other.