Frank N. Stein is believed father of Ein Stein of Organization V. Unlike his son, Frank had no connection with any syndicate. He was a medic for The Order and met his demise during a mission with Coordinator Lucas Darling's brother, Noah Darling.

Character Profile

Full Name

Frank Nicolas Stein








The Order

First Appearance

Noah's Past: Legacy of Egrigori



Personality Edit

Frank was an easy going doctor who was good at his job. He was usually calm and not too curious. Always offering a helpful hand, he was distracted with tending to Gretchen Ashford's ankle to notice Chesed Stark and M. N. Nairb attack.

Synopsis Edit

Shadows of Egrigori arc Edit

When Noah and a team went to search for Azazel's Ruby Kilsein, Frank was with them. On their way to Azazel's Ruby Kilsein, or ARK, Gretchen Ashford twisted her ankle. At camp, Frank tended to Gretchen's wound while everyone else- except Akatsuki Rocain- explored the ARK. In that time, Chesed and Nairb killed Frank and Gretchen.

Trivia Edit

  • Frank N. Stein was based on the fictional Dr. Frankenstein
  • Frank N. Stein was originally suppose to be in Organization V but the name Ein Stein fit better with the format for the Final Five so Ein Stein became an Organization V member instead
  • Dmitri, Frank's creator, reveals that Frank's middle name is "Nicolas"

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