The First Battle of Dead Fox Swamp was a small skirmish that took place in 2 NAE. The battle happened during an assassination attempt on Rubi Delacoure's life, orchestrated by Akirael. Akirael hired Yato Kitsune, Hasha Kitsune, Quazar Morte, and Irmão Morte to kill Sirberius Reono's fiance. Rubi found herself surrounded and outnumbered at Dead Fox Swamp. Due to Valentine's tinkering, Dominic de Avaritia sent Greel to intervene. Greel injured Hasha and Quazar; the latter managed to flee, with Rubi after him. Greel threatened Akirael to not harm Rubi before leaving. Akirael then killed Irmão to silence him. In fright, Yato fled. Hasha was taken by Raoul Uquiador to Vaquero's ranch. When Rubi returned, she gave news that Quazar had escaped. Rubi and Akirael returned to the Hall of Mystics where Sirberius Reono would later send Dante to finish the job.

Behind the Scenes Edit

The First Battle of Dead Fox Swamp was written for "Bingo Book: Noe's Reminiscene" for Rubi and Akirael's fight. Dmitri would give the name Dead Fox Swamp to the unnamed swamp that Dante fights Quazar in in "Bingo Book - Hit List". He thought of the name from the two types of opponents in the First Battle of Dead Fox Swamp: fox spirits and necromancers giving him "fox" and "dead". Kitsune also translates as "fox" in Japanese while "morte" is Dutch for "dead".

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