Rasharia is a target in "Bingo Book - Fallen Order Lieutenants". She is a believer of the Dragon God but was swayed by Zevon into the Akorun Cult where she was recruited by Akorun into the Fallen Order.

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Akorun Cult, Fallen Order

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Bingo Book - Fallen Order Lieutenants

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Personality Edit

Rasharia is a faithful, religious woman. Even though she enjoys killing, she knows she will suffer in the afterlife. Originally she was a follower of the Dragon God but was swayed into the Akorun Cult but even then she still had faith in the Dragon God, asking Mewt if the Dragon God war real.

Dmitri guesses that Rasharia may have had feelings for Zevon but it is uncertain.

Synopsis Edit

Fallen Order arc Edit

After his battle with Zevon, Mewt goes to a river to wash up. Rasharia spies on him until Mewt reveals that he knows that she's there. Rasharia jumps down and greets Mewt. She then attacks him and burns the forest down. She puts her guard down to allow Mewt to defeat her. Mewt asks her why she didn't fight back and she answers that she doesn't want to kill anyone else. Before committing suicide, she asks Mew if the Dragon God is real. Mewt tells her yes.

Even though Rasharia blew herself up, Mewt is credited with her death.