"Elves were one of the purest of creatures. However, in the wars after the fall of the Unity Empire, elves were hunted down to near extinction."
Dmitri Valenti's Anatomy of Evil: Hearts of Darkness

Elves are humanoid beings, known for their pointy ears, beauty and powerful, usually earth based, magics.

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History Edit

Elves were generally a peaceful race, usually called upon to be a neutral party in negociations and dealings. Believed to have originated from Isla Día, they are believed to have the origins of vampirian race, whom have a distinct resemblance to elves.

In 5321 OAE, the Unity Empire was formed. The Unity Empire united the races of the Mystic Realm under one rule. Each race had their own representative; the elves had the Earl of Elfen. This peace lasted for 117 years until it was destroyed from the inside out.

With the collapse of the Unity Empire, elves were considered beautiful and valuable. They were hunted down and killed or captured as slaves. By the time the Mystic Council

was formed, most of the elves were extinct.

Anatomy Edit

Elves stand slightly taller than humans do. Elf is usually a little over 6 feet in height and weighs between 100 to 175 pounds, depending on gender. The elves are slim, with sharp symmetrical features, such as pointy ears (in which they resemble vampires) often an exaggeration of perfect beauty. The elves are uniformly fair in complexion, with white to flaxen colored hair. Their eyes are incredibly intense in color, seeming to glow with an inner light. Unlike their cousins, the vampires, elves don't require to drink the blood of others to survive. However, they don't have as long of life spans as vampires. Most elves are considered by others to be beautiful, possibly able to rival those of the angels. Other races ofter reffer to them as "angels without wings" too.

Known Elves Edit

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