"You wanted my power in your body? Then it shall be so. However, it will be once Ein Stein operates on you and turns you into a perfect vessel. I've learned that vessels with minds turn rebellious. Dr. Stein here is going to make you the most obidient servant."
Heavenly Ruler Athius to Kyriel

Ein Stein is the believed son of Frank N. Stein, an Order medic. Ein Stein is one of Organization V's Final Five. He, like Zwei and Vaquero, seem to be Organization V's top scientists.

Character Profile

Full Name

Ein Albert Stein


Dr. Stein


Dmitri and Raiden




Organization V

First Appearance

Bingo Book: Genesis of Unknown

Bingo Book Kills

Kyriel (default)

Personality Edit


Abilities Edit

Reisen Edit

Reisen (German for "travel") is an ability created by Ovan Fünf and Vahashi Jūbei Hyachi. It is a teleportation technique used by the Final Five as a means to go places. It turns the body into several orbs of energy, allowing the user to travel at the speed of light.

Formblatt Edit

Formblatt (German for "blank") is a spell that knocks out an opponent. Ein Stein tends to have to use it on patients before surgery.

Synopsis Edit

Fate of the Unknown arc Edit

Ein Stein first makes an appearance in Bingo Book: Genesis of Unknown when he is asked, by Draethius, how is Cloud 9, a mysterious superweapon, developing. Ein Stein answers that it should be finished on time and leaves.

Sometime later, Ein Stein is seen being ordered by Draethius to operate on Kyriel and turn him into a perfect vessel for him named Vasija.

Behind the Scenes Edit

Ein Stein was named after famous scientist Albert Einstein. In honor of his memory, Ein Stein was given the middle name "Albert".

Ein Stein, in German, translates as "one stone".

Ein Stein was originally going to be named Frank N. Stein, a pun to Frankenstein. Dmitri later changed his mind and went with Ein Stein. Frank N. Stein would later appear in "Noah's Past: Legacy of Egrigori" as Ein's father.

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