Duun is a character in the role play Mystical Community. He was one of the gods under the services of Elder Gods Darmaida and Izen during the Great God War. Before his consecration, he was a skilled Human Ninja.

Character 3 by Ninjatic

Full Name



The Blind Ninja






  • Elder Gods
  • Remnants of Atlantis

First Appearance

Dmitri and Tenkai's Past: Hybrid Crusade

Bingo Book Kills




Personality Edit

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Abilities Edit

Duun is a very skilled ninja, who is also skilled with the weapons he owns.

Pulse Edit

When Duun became a god, the Elders made him blind. At first, Duun looked at it as a curse. Eventually, Duun learned to pulse his power outward through the air. This enabled him to see somewhat like sonar. It is said by Duun that this way allows him to see, but the things he sees are "fuzzy" or "blurry".

Pulse V2Edit

After The Great God War, He became a hermit in a sense and kept his existence a secret. During the years that followed, He trained and tested his abilities. While trying to find the extent of his pulsing ability, he discovered that he could pulse through objects and see twice as good too. He also discovered that it would allow him to see inside things such as houses and people.

Desensitize Edit

By pulsing a set amount of energy into a person or animal through his hands, Duun can take away all senses(sight, smell, hearing, feeling, taste). In his fight with Mewt, he does this to Mewt. In order to return his senses, Mewt has to use full body defibrillation. Due to his being senseless, Mewt had a hard time judging the amount of electricity to use. This results in Mewt defibrillating himself nine times before his senses were fully back.

Synopsis Edit

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