Draethius was first created by dethreaper666 (Drae). Draethius became one of the first big time antagonists in the role play Mystic Community. He was later developed even further by Sirberius (Zane) and

dmitrivalentine (Dmitri). Three have built of Draethius' nature, location, and past.

Zane reveals that the Demon Lord's name comes from Drae's full name: Draethius.

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dethreaper666 (Drae)


Demon Lord Draethius


[fallen] angel


Fallen Order, Four Heavenly Rulers

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Azazel Edit

Not much of Draethius' past was discussed until Dmitri wrote "Valentine's Past: Seed", then "Valentine's Past: Battle of Swawns". The two stories (same story except in "Seed" Draethius was once known as Draethiel but Dmitri modified it to Azazel in "Battle of Swawns") show the past of the highly respected angel Azazel during his path into the shadows. In the stories, Azazel is revealed to be a friend of Barrel, who later becomes Sinner of Envy Valentine de Invidia. Azazel is apart of the unit Egrigori that is later banished from Atlantis. Egrigori attacks Atlantis from the Mu, later home of SALIGIA, in the Battle of Swawns and loses. The only survivors of Egrigori are Azazel, Samyaza, and Shamsiel; Azazel is banished to the Death Dimension.

Azazel is the name of a Christian angel who, ironically, was apart of a leauge of traitorous angels called Egrigori (Greek for "the watchers").

Demon Lord Edit

Shortly before fighting in the Battle of Swawns, Azazel declares himself a Demon Lord. He take upon the name Draethius from Eon's Epitaph of the Holy Lord. 'Draethius' is the idol of the syndicate called the Fallen Order, of which Draethius cares very little for. Years later, Draethius' succubus, Tobiya, works on a project to free him from the Death Dimension. With the help of Kurasawa Cross, a vessel for Draethius' aura is discovered: Dante. Draethius then manipulates Dante in attempt to free himself from the Death Dimension, even by absorbing Tobiya.

However, Sirberius Reono stops the blinded Dante and the two get trapped inside the Death Dimension.

Training the Demon Destroyer of Gods Edit

At the end of The Great God War, Sirberius Reono is enslaved into the services of Draethius. He trains Sirberius and Sirberius eventually earns the title of Demon Destroyer of Gods and joins the ranks of the Fatal Five. Draethius also made contracts with several others like Jazmine Sage. He admits his greatest disciple is Vier Weiss.

Heavenly Ruler "Athius" Edit

"Draethius" isn't the only name Azazel stole from Epitaph of the Holy Lord; he also uses the name of one of Blue Satan's Words: Athius. Athius seems to be the dominating power amongst the Four Heavenly Rulers and has the greatest influence over Organization V, the Four Heavenly Rulers' organization.

Draethius shows dislike for Kira, possibly for resentment against Kira's brother, Valentine.