Damien is a character in the role play Mystical Community. He is an ex. Egrigori member named Samyaza and later became Azriel's right-hand man. He is the co. founder of the Black Circle. When Azriel was killed in "Bingo Book: Genesis of Unknown", he returned to Atlantis.

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Atlantis, Black Circle, SALIGIA

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Bingo Book - SALIGIA

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Egrigori arc Edit

Samyaza was originally the angelic leader of Egrigori named Samyaza. He was a great friend of Azriel. He and the other Egrigori were later banished from Atlantis for suspected corruption after a mission to the Death Dimension.

A year later, Azazel coordinated an assault against Atlantis with the rest of Egrigori. Samyaza fled in order to warn Azazel and 'Thorns'. His warning to Dominel and Luke allowed Barrel and Flamel to organize a counter-strike against Egrigori.

After the Battle of Swawns, Luke and Mystia pardoned Samyaza and fellow Egrigori, Shamsiel (as was Pererun but it was done discretely). Samyaza hoped to have a better future and changed his name to Damien.

Great God arc Edit

Azazel, Damien, and the other Archangels organized the Black Circle to protest against Elder Gods' decision to have angels equal to non-celestial beings. Azriel was brought to court. There, Damien helped Azriel with the coup d'etat. However, it failed and Azriel and Damien were banished.

Azriel and Damien went to Valentine de Invidia for sanctuary. Valentine and fellow SALIGIA Sinner, Leonardo de Ira, left them alone to go on a mission where Leonardo ended up dead. Azriel became the new Sinner of Wrath. Azriel and Damien then went to the Burning City of Dis where they took over.

SALIGIA arc Edit

Damien makes his first appearance in "Bingo Book - SALIGIA". He fights, and loses, against Tenkai Hyachi and Joel.

Key 4 arc Edit

When the Mystic Council infiltrates The Gourd and after Key 4 is annihilated, Damien attacks them. Valentine fights Damien to allow the rest of them to proceed ahead. Seeing his defeat, Damien flees.

Inferno arc Edit

Damien makes a small appearance in 's "Inferno" when Dante and company briefly fight Damien at the Burning City of Dis. He flees shortly afterwards.

Memento Mori arc Edit

Damien is seen in Ashley de Superbia's memory fragment when he chats with Nicolas Flamel. Evangeline arrives and ruins things. Damien and Evan Nigel defeat Evangeline and nearly kill Ashley.

Fate of the Unknown arc Edit

Damien is hunted down by the mysterious Sieghart where he is killed.

Damien is killed by Sieghart in "Bingo Book: Genesis of Unknown".

Trivia Edit

  • Damien comes from Damian, Greek for "tamer"
  • Damien appears the most as a target in Bingo Books ("Bingo Book - SALIGIA", "Bingo Book - The Key 4", and "Bingo Book: Genesis of Unknown")
  • Damien never fights the same opponent twice